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We at Harpers have tried to list most Vanguard Tripods here and probably have the largest range of plates in the country

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Please Note: The QS-38 and QS-42 are no longer available, they have been replaced by the QS-39 and QS-40.  Be careful when you order, the QS-39 is a standard screw 1/4x20; while the QS-40 is a 3/8x16 large screw.  Most cameras for the UK use the 1/4x20 screw, many European or larger cameras (Hasselblad, Mamiya, medium format) or large lenses will use the 3/8x16 screw.
Please Note: The QS-52 model number has been used twice, and they are NOT interchangeable.  The Old style QS-52 is for tripods that are more than 10 years old, while the New QS-52 are for tripods introduced in 2008.  

We try and keep most of the plates that are available in stock but we do sometimes encounter problems with some of the older plates.

This list is as accurate as we can make it but  we do not accept any responsibility for incorrect data.

Plates listed in red are no longer available

The QS-60s is a square version for the VEO Tripods but will fit all QS-60 Heads
14843 QB-5L     BBH-200 QS-61 QS-60   SBH-30 QS-40  
19226 QS-01     BBH-300 QS-61 QS-60   SBH-30 Head QS-39  
20687 QS-02     CT-205BL QS-02     SBH-300 QS-45  
21052 QS-04     CT-208 QS-02     SBH-300 Head QS-45  
32009 QS-14     CT-208G QS-02     SBH-50 QS-40  
060-32-08 QS-03     CT-268 QS-02     SBH-50 Head QS-39  
20-29-09 QS-14     CT-278 QS-01     SKT-200 QS-02  
ABEO 203AV QS-36     CT-288B QS-02     SKT-300 QS-04  
ABEO 243AV QS-66     Digi 13, 13A QS-29     T-060220A QS-05/06  
ABEO 243CV QS-66     ELITE 1 QS-39 QS-40   T-060220B QS-05/06  
ABEO 283AB QS-39 QS-40   ELITE 4 QS-39 QS-40   T-060-32-08 QS-03  
ABEO 283AV QS-66     Espod 203AP QS-36     T-120223AB QS-03  
ABEO 283CV QS-66     Espod 233AP QS-36     T-120228 QS-03  
ABEO 323AB QS-39 QS-40   Espod CX 203AGH QS-29     TBH-100 QS-61 QS-60
ABEO Plus 323AB QS-60     Espod CX 203AP QS-29     TBH-250 QS-61 QS-60
ABEO Plus 323AV QS-67     Espod CX 204AGH QS-29     TBH-300 QS-61 QS-60
ABEO Plus 323CB QS-60     Espod CX 204AP QS-29     TBH-40 QS-61 QS-60
ABEO Plus 363AB QS-61     Espod Plus 203AB QS-36     TOURIST 5 QS-29  
ABEO Plus 363AV QS-67     Espod Plus 203AP QS-36     Tracker 1 QS-39  
ABEO Pro 283AB QS-60     Espod Plus 233AP QS-36     Tracker 2 QS-39  
ABEO Pro 283AGH QS-60     GH-100 QS-65GH     Tracker 3 QS-39  
ABEO Pro 283CGH QS-60     GH-200 QS-61 QS-60   Tracker 4 QS-39  
ABEO Pro 284AGH QS-60     GH-300T QS-61 QS-60   Tracker B-100 QS-39  
ABEO Pro 284CGH QS-60     JT-180 QS-05/06     Tracker B-200 QS-39  
ABH-120K QS-60     Lite 4 QS-29     Tracker B-300 QS-46  
ABH-1220L QS-60     MAK 203 QS-28     Tracker S QS-39  
ABH-230K QS-60     MAK 203 QS-28     Trikon Digital Kit QS-29  
ABH-230L QS-60     MAK 233 QS-28     Trikon Gold QS-29  
ABH-340K QS-60     MAK 233 QS-28     Trikon Kit QS-29  
ABH-340L QS-60     MAK 234 QS-28     VGT-4 Monopod QS-03  
AK-2/AK-2s QS-29     MAK 234 QS-28     VEO 204AB QS-60S  
AK-3/AK-3s QS-29     MAK 263 QS-28     VEO 235AB QS-60S  
AK-4/AK-4s QS-29     MAK 263 QS-28     VEO 235AP QS-60S  
Alta CA 203AGH QS-29     MAK S QS-25     VEO 265AB QS-60S  
Alta CA 203AP QS-36     Mars 1 QS-29     VEO 265CB QS-60S  
Alta CA 204AGH QS-29     Mars 1 OLD QS-14     VEO 2 204AB QS-60S  
Alta CA 204AP QS-36     Mars 10S QS-29     VEO 2 235AB QS-60S  
Alta CA 233AGH QS-29     Mars 10S OLD QS-14     VEO 2 235AP QS-60S  
Alta CA 233AP QS-36     Mars 2 QS-02     VEO 2 265AB QS-60S  
Alta CA 234AGH QS-29     MG-2 QS-36     VEO 2 265CB QS-60S  
Alta CA 234AP QS-36     MG-3 QS-36     VT-110SPX QS-03  
Alta Pro 253CB 50 QS-39     MG-3 OS QS-36     VT-115X QS-03  
Alta Pro 253CP QS-50     MG-4 QS-36     VT-120X QS-03  
Alta Pro 254CB 50 QS-39     MG-5 QS-36     VT-124 QS-02  
Alta Pro 263AB 100 QS-39     MG-5 OS QS-36     VT-125H QS-03  
Alta Pro 263AGH QS-65GH     MG-6 QS-36     VT-126 QS-02  
Alta Pro 263AP QS-51     MG-8  QS-39 QS-40   VT-127 QS-01  
Alta Pro 264AB 100 QS-39 QS-40   MG-8 OS QS-39 QS-40   VT-128 QS-04  
Alta Pro 283CB 100 QS-39     MH-2 QS-36     VT-132 QS-03  
Alta Pro 283CGH QS-60     MH-3 QS-36     VT-143 QS-14  
Alta Pro 283CP QS-50     Millennium Series QS-29     VT-145 QS-03  
Alta Pro 284CB 100 QS-39     MK-2 QS-29     VT-145H QS-03  
Alta+ 203AP QS-50     MK-3 QS-29     VT-1475H QS-03  
Alta+ 204AP QS-50     MK-4 QS-29     VT-150 QS-14  
Alta+ 233AP QS-50     MP-15 Monopod QS-02     VT-152 QS-14  
Alta+ 234AB QS-39     MS-05 QS-36     VT-154 QS-14  
Alta+ 234AP QS-50     MS-06 QS-36     VT-154M QS-01  
Alta+ 235AB 50 QS-39 QS-40   MT-100 c/wMT-10HEAD QS-36     VT-158 QS-29  
Alta+ 263AB 100 QS-39 QS-40   MT-110 QS-36     VT-168 QS-05/06  
Alta+ 263AGH QS-65GH     Nivelo 244BK QS-25     VT-180 QS-03  
Alta+ 263AP QS-51     Nivelo 245BK QS-25     VT-180X QS-03  
Alta+ 264AB 100 QS-39 QS-40   OPTIK 4 QS-02     VT-185 QS-03  
Alta+ 264AP QS-51     OV-300 QS-29     VT-200 QS-14  
ALTA-1 QS-36     OV-400 QS-29     VT-210 QS-03  
ALTA-2 QS-36     OV-500 QS-10     VT-214 QS-02  
ALTA-203AP QS-50     PH-10 ?     VT-214B QS-02  
ALTA-204AP QS-50     PH-111V QS-36     VT-215H QS-03  
ALTA-224CP QS-50     PH-113V QS-66     VT-216 QS-05/06  
ALTA-225CP QS-50     PH-114V QS-66     VT-216H QS-29  
ALTA-233AO QS-52     PH-12 QS-50     VT-216M QS-29  
ALTA-233AP QS-50     PH-12 Head QS-50     VT-217 QS-29  
ALTA-234AB QS-39 QS-40   PH-123V QS-67 QS-68L   VT-218 QS-02  
ALTA-234AP QS-50     PH-124V QS-67 QS-68L   VT-219 QS-29  
ALTA-235AP QS-50     PH-20 QS-36     VT-268 QS-02  
ALTA-254CO QS-52     PH-201 NONE     VT-288 QS-02  
ALTA-254CP QS-51     PH-21 Head QS-52     VT-288B QS-02  
ALTA-255CO QS-52     PH-22 QS-50     VT-361 QS-09  
ALTA-263AP QS-51     PH-22 Head QS-50     VT-374 QS-09  
ALTA-264AB QS-39 QS-40   PH-222 QS-36     VT-421 QS-14  
ALTA-264AO QS-52     PH-222 head QS-36     VT-432 QS-14  
ALTA-264AP QS-51     PH-240 head QS-39     VT-438 QS-29  
ALTA-265AO QS-52     PH-242 QS-52     VT-508 QS-04  
Alta Pro 2 263AP QS-60 V2 QS-60   PH-242 head  QS-52     VT-518 QS-04  
Alta Pro 2 263AV QS-60 V2 QS-60   PH-30 QS-36     VT-520 QS-04  
Alta Pro 2 264AO QS-60 V2 QS-60   PH-304 QS-36     VT-528 QS-03  
Alta Pro 2 264AP QS-60 V2 QS-60   PH-304 head  QS-36     VT-548 QS-03  
Alta Pro 2+ 263AB 100 QS-60 V2 QS-60   PH-31 Head QS-52     VT-548B QS-03  
Alta Pro 2+ 263AGH QS-60 V2 QS-60   PH-32 QS-51     VT-550 QS-03  
Alta Pro 2+ 263AP QS-60 V2 QS-60   PH-32 Head QS-51     VT-558 QS-03  
Alta Pro 2+ 263AT QS-60 V2 QS-60   PH-35 Head QS-39 QS-40   VT-560 QS-03  
Alta Pro 2+ 263CT QS-60 V2 QS-60   PH-42 Head QS-51     VT-578 QS-03  
Alta Pro 2+ 264AT QS-60 V2 QS-60   PH-50 Head QS-39 QS-40   VT-726 QS-02  
Alta Pro 2+ 264CT QS-60 V2 QS-60   PH-55 Head QS-39 QS-40   VT-820 QS-14  
Alta BH-100 QS-60 V2 QS-60   PRO K QS-04     VT-831 QS-10  
Alta BH-250 QS-60 V2 QS-60   PT-188 QS-05/06     VT-840 QS-10  
Alta BH-300 QS-60 V2 QS-60   PT-80X QS-05/06     VT-841 QS-10  
ALTA PH-114V QS-60 V2 QS-60   Rondo 1 QS-01     VT-90X QS-03  
ALTA PH-31 QS-60 V2 QS-60   Rondo 2 QS-36     VT-931 QS-29  
ALTA PH-32 QS-60 V2 QS-60   SBH-100 QS-40     VT-950 QS-01  
Alta GH-100 QS-60 V2 QS-60   SBH-100 Head QS-39 QS-40   VT-95X QS-03  
Alta GH-300T QS-60 V2 QS-60   SBH-20 QS-36     WT-6 Tripod QS-02  
BALL HEAD 100 QS-40     SBH-20 Head QS-36     WT-8  QS-05/06  
BALL HEAD 200 QS-40     SBH-200 Head QS-45     VT-95X QS-03  
BALL HEAD 300 QS41 QS-43   SBH-20P NONE     WT-6 Tripod QS-02  
BBH-100 QS-61 QS-60   SBH-250 QS-40 QS-39   WT-8  QS-05/06  


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Vanguard QS-36 Quick Release Shoe

Vanguard QS-36 Quick Release Shoe£14.99

Vanguard QS-51 Quick Release Shoe

Vanguard QS-51 Quick Release Shoe£14.99

Vanguard QS-02 Quick Release Plate

Vanguard QS-02 Quick Release Plate£16.99

Vanguard QS-40 Quick Release Shoe

Vanguard QS-40 Quick Release Shoe£19.99   £17.99

Vanguard QS-45 Quick Release Shoe

Vanguard QS-45 Quick Release Shoe£19.99   £17.99

Vanguard QS-52 Quick Release Shoe

Vanguard QS-52 Quick Release Shoe£19.99   £17.99

Vanguard QS-65GH Quick Release Shoe

Vanguard QS-65GH Quick Release Shoe£19.99   £17.99

Vanguard QS-66 Quick Release Shoe

Vanguard QS-66 Quick Release Shoe£19.99   £17.99

Vanguard QS-67 Quick Release Shoe

Vanguard QS-67 Quick Release Shoe£19.99   £17.99

Vanguard QS-60S Quick Release Plate / Shoe

Vanguard QS-60S Quick Release Plate / Shoe£24.99   £19.99

Vanguard QS-46 Quick Release Shoe

Vanguard QS-46 Quick Release Shoe£24.99   £21.99

Vanguard QS-60 Quick Release Plate / Shoe

Vanguard QS-60 Quick Release Plate / Shoe£29.99   £26.99

Vanguard QS-61 Quick Release Shoe

Vanguard QS-61 Quick Release Shoe£34.99   £29.99

Vanguard QS-48PF Quick Release Platform / Shoe

Vanguard QS-48PF Quick Release Platform / Shoe£34.99   £32.99


Page 1 of 1:    15 Items

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