Yuneec Breeze 4K Selfie Drone

Yuneec Breeze 4K Selfie Drone
Yuneec Breeze 4K Selfie DroneYuneec Breeze 4K Selfie DroneYuneec Breeze 4K Selfie DroneYuneec Breeze 4K Selfie DroneYuneec Breeze 4K Selfie Drone
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Yuneec Breeze 4K 13M Pixel Selfie Drone



The new Breeze by Yuneec has opened up a completely new multi copter segment. Fitted with a high-quality 4K camera that can be swiveled vertically and a state-of-the- art Ambrella photo chipset, it lets you produce amazing photo's and videos. Measuring just 24 cm's in diameter and a weight of only 385 grams, this flying camera is a "selfie" drone that you can keep with you at any time.

No separate remote control unit is needed as the camera is controlled easily and intuitively from a smartphone. The Breeze features Optical Flow GPS and IPS sensors, which enable it to remain highly stable in the air both indoors and outdoors. No prior flying experience is required.

  • Compact quadcopter with transport box
  • Vertically swivelling 4K UHD camera with high-end Ambrella chipset
  • Video resolution up to 3840 x 2160 pixels; photo resolution: 4160 x 3120, 13 megapixels
  • Electronic image stabilisation in 1080p (Full HD) and 720p (HD ready)
  • Share images and videos straight to social media
  • Controlled via a smart device (iOS/Android) incl. 480p/720p live view, range approx. 100 m
  • Perfect indoor and outdoor stability thanks to Optical Flow, GPS sensors and indoor positioning system (IPS)
  • Flight modes: Pilot, Selfie, Follow Me, Orbit/POI, Journey, Return Home (incl. auto take-off and landing)
  • Familiar control using virtual joysticks or the tilt angle sensors of the smartphone
  • Rechargeable, interchangeable 1150 mAh LiPo battery and charger included
  • Over the air updates

Kit Contents

  • 1x Yuneec Breeze 4K Selfie Drone
  • 1x Breeze Flight Battery LiPo 1150mAh
  • 1x Breeze Charger
  • 1x Charger Cable
  • 4x Propeller Guide
  • An Extra set of Breeze Propeller Blades

Product Features

With its advanced flight modes - Selfie, Journey, Orbit, Pilot and Follow me - incredible camera flights and impressive pursuing shots can be obtained. Integrated social media functions allow recordings to be sent straight to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and other sites via the Breezeapp.

Superior image quality

Featuring breathtaking 4K Ultra High Definition and ultra-clear 13 megapixel stills, Breeze is just as capable as drones twice its size. Enjoy a live 720 HD live stream of your flight on your smart device.

The brushless multicopter is supplied complete with propeller guards for confined spaces, replacement propellers, a transport box, a charger and a replaceable 1150 mAh LiPo battery that offers 12 minutes‘ flying time per charge. Budding pilots only need their smartphone or tablet as the free app which is compatible with iOS and Android and can be obtained fromboththeApple AppStoreandGoogle‘sPlayStore.

The Breeze from YUNEEC crosses traditional genre boundaries and spans the gap from trendy fashion accessory, through high-quality selfie drone, to the must- have gadget of the year.


    Your flying camera

    Introducing Breeze, the flying camera designed with you in mind. Both convenient and compact, Breeze is controlled by your iOS or Android device with the Breeze Cam app and weighs just under 1 pound. Now capture aerial photos and video of your daily adventures effortlessly– and do it in stunning 4K Ultra High Definition. Simply take Breeze out of the box and let it fly.


    Complex shots made easy

    Use one of the flying camera’s five automated flight modes to capture unique shots. Use Selfie and Orbit modes to take dramatic aerial group photos and video or use Follow Me mode to grab compelling aerial footage of your action sports adventures. The shots that previously would have required a skilled pilot are now accessible with the click of a button. Live in the moment and let Breeze do the work.

  • Safety first

    Breeze has optical flow and infrared positioning sensors that allow it to hold its position both indoors and outdoors, making it safe for any occasion. You can fly with ease knowing that Breeze won’t drift - no matter your environment. Additionally, there is an auto-landing and auto return-to-home feature – no flight experience is necessary.


    Social connectivity

    Once you’ve captured photos and videos with Breeze, downloading and sharing via your favorite social media is quick and easy. Select the photo or video you would like to share and choose which social network you would like to share to. You can write a personalized message and share instantly, all without leaving the app interface. It’s that simple.


    Breeze Cam App

    Use the Breeze Cam app to manually fly the drone, use automated flight modes and edit photos. Share your photos and videos instantly to your favorite social media such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Flight Modes

Fully Automatic Creative Modes (Task modes & VisionTrack)

When creating Breeze it was our vision to actualize a product that was incredibly easy for anyone to use and that’s why we’ve custom designed 5 automated flight modes that give you the ability to focus on capturing the most epic content of yourself instead of controlling the drone. When flying your Breeze you can choose from one of the 5 automated flight modes; Pilot, Selfie, Orbit, Journey, and VisionTrack.

  • Selfie Mode.

  • Pilot Mode.

  • Orbit Mode.

  • Journey Mode.

  • Follow Me Mode.

  • Indoor Positioning System.

  • Selfie Mode

    Easily position Breeze to snap the perfect aerial selfie - prior flying experience not necessary. Whether you’re adventuring with friends, out solo, or spending time with family, capturing the moments worth remembering are easier than ever.
  • Pilot Mode

    If you desire more control, Pilot mode allows you to fly using manual control.
  • Orbit Mode

    In Orbit mode, easily task Breeze to orbit around you or an external object.
  • Journey Mode

    By using camera pitch to calculate the trajectory of the aircraft, Breeze will fly away from you and then back to you.
  • Follow Me Mode

    Live in the moment and let Breeze do the work. In Follow Me, Breeze uses GPS to track your movement.
  • Indoor Positioning System

    Thanks to the built-in Indoor Positioning System (IPS), Breeze can hold its position both indoors and outdoors.


DIMENSIONS 196 x 196 x 65 mm 
BATTERY 3S 11,1 V 1150 mAh LiPo 
FLIGHT TIME up to 12 minutes 
MAXIMUM HORIZONTAL SPEED 5 m/s (limited by software) 
PHOTO RESOLUTION 4K - 4160 x 3120 pixels (13 MP) 
FOV 117° 
SHUTTER SPEED 1/30 - 1/8000s 
WHITE BALANCE auto, sunny, sunrise, sunset, cloudy, tungsten light, glowing, disabled 

Cool Tech: Yuneec Breeze


There were a lot of drones at IFA this year, but even among a sea of incredible UAVs, Yuneec’s Breeze drone stood out.

Why? Well for starters, it’s the first 4K camera drone from a major manufacturer that you can get your hands on for under 500 bucks.

But that’s not the only reason we picked it.

This little whippersnapper also boasts a range of automated flight modes (follow me, orbit, selfie, and more) that are normally only available in much more expensive hardware.

Basically, it’s a highly capable camera drone designed for casual pilots instead of hobbyists. It gives average Joes an easy way to snag eye-popping aerial video, and for a reasonable price, too.

– Drew Prindle


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