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Auto-Tracking Telescopes


The Auto-Tracking telescope is an evolutionary alt-azimuth mount that allows automatic tracking of celestial objects without complicated add-ons. It can be used not only for astronomy but for terrestrial applications as well.  It is fast to set-up and very simple and easy to use. Highly recommended for the first-time buyer.

Auto-Tracking Mount Features:

  • Ideal for both Astronomical & Terrestrial Use
  • Single-Arm Alt-Azimuth Mount
  • Powerful DC Servo Motor
  • Hand Control to Command the Motor
  • Choice of 1x, 4x or 8x Sidereal Rate Speeds in “Tracking on” mode
  • Choice of 32x Slow, 64x Medium or 800x High-Speed Alt-Azimuth Slewing in “Tracking off” mode, for Astronomical & Terrestrial Use
  • North & Level Start Position for Astronomical Auto-Tracking Feature
  • Clear Latitude Scale
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Simple and Easy to Use

(n.b. Cruise button on handset has no function for Auto-Tracking Series)

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