Billingham Shoulder Pads

Billingham Shoulder Pads
Shoulder Pad Options: SP10 CHOCOLATEShoulder Pad Options: SP10 TANShoulder Pad Options: SP10 BLACKShoulder Pad Options: SP15 TANShoulder Pad Options: SP15 BLACK
Shoulder Pad Options: SP20 TANShoulder Pad Options: SP20 BLACKShoulder Pad Options: SP40 CHOCOLATEShoulder Pad Options: SP40 TANShoulder Pad Options: SP40 BLACK
Shoulder Pad Options: SP50 CHOCOLATEShoulder Pad Options: SP50 TANShoulder Pad Options: SP50 BLACK
Our Price:  £28.00(Inc. 20% VAT)
Shoulder Pad Options:  

Part Number:  521170
Brand:  Billingham



There are two different styles of Shoulder Pads, the main difference being the underside and trim on them.

The SP10, SP15 and SP20 are constructed to the same basic design with very mildly padded but very grippy rubberised neoprene.

The SP40 and SP50 are our new 'extra comfort' version that incorporates a grooved inner core of high density closed-cell foam designed to help the Shoulder Pad mould to the shape of your shoulder. They also have leather trim round the edge for a more attractive finish.


The SP10 fits slings 25mm wide such as the following:
- Airline
- Pola
- Compact
- 72
- Galbin 8
- Galbin 10
- Stowaway Sling
- Galbin Sling

The SP15 & SP40 fits slings 38mm wide such as the following:
- S2
- S3
- S4
- Hadley Digital
- Hadley Small
- Hadley Small Pro
- Hadley Pro
- Hadley Large
- 225
- 335
- f5.6
- f2.8
- f1.4
- L2 (formerly called the 'Alice')
- Weekender
- Overnighter
- Thomas
- WOT Sling


The SP20 and SP50 fit slings 50mm wide such as the following:
- Eventer
- 550
- Hadley Large Pro
- Hadley One
- 445
- 555
- 107
- 207
- 307
- 307L
- Packington
- H1 Sling

Billingham SP50 Shoulder Pad attached to a bag
Billingham SP50 Shoulder Pad attached to a shoulder sling on a bag.


Billingham SP50 shoulder pads (left) and SP40 shoulder pads (right)
Billingham SP50 Shoulder Pads (left) and SP40 Shoulder Pads (right)

Billingham SP20 Shoulder pads (left) SP15 Shoulder pads (centre) and SP10 Shoulder pads (right)

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