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Helios Quantum 7.4 25x100 Observation Binoculars

Helios  Quantum 7.4 25x100 Observation Binoculars
 Helios  Quantum 7.4 25x100 Observation BinocularsHelios  Quantum 7.4 25x100 Observation Binoculars 
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Part Number:  30876
Brand:  Helios




“The overall finish of the Quantum-7.4’s seemed to be of a better standard, with all surfaces exuding quality….A hardwood tripod and U-fork mount, which did the job perfectly, made observations at the zenith very comfortable, with the 45° angled view….There wasn’t as much trailing off of image quality towards the edges….Stars really filled the field of view and we felt like we were falling through the sky. This was matched by views of the Moon that were incredibly detailed….Visually the Quantum-7.4’s seemed to have the edge on all the others….The sky background appeared to be the darkest of the four on test, with better contrast, so deep-sky objects like faint nebulae stood out slightly better. Indeed the nebula M17 displayed a mottled surface and was a wonderful smudge in the sky….They were a real delight to use”
BBC Sky At Night Magazine

Top-quality waterproof, observation binocular with individual helical eyepiece focusing, designed for medium-to-long-range terrestrial and astronomical observations. Incorporating oversized BAK-4 prisms and a fully broadband multi-coated optical system. Top quality triplet objective lenses provide semi-apochromatic optical performance. Eyepieces are angled at 45°, offering excellent versatility for both terrestrial and astronomical viewing. The eyepieces can also be removed, and replaced with many standard 1.25” astronomical eyepieces for added versatility. The U-Fork mount is specially designed for astronomical use, allowing the binocular to be angled upwards for use at high altitudes approaching the zenith. Features built-in lens hoods, finderscope shoe and carrying handle. High quality precision all-metal construction. Supplied with heavy-duty hardwood tripod. Binocular supplied in foam-lined storage/carrying case

The 7x50 finderscope shown in the image was an optional accessory (which is no longer available).


Specification 25x100
Magnification 25x
Object Lens Diameter 100mm (Semi-Apo Triplet)
Focal Length 600mm
Field of view 2.53°
Nearest Focus Distance 30m
Weight 13kg (Bino) + 7.1kg (Tripod)
Product Code 30876


Standard Specification
Object Lens Diameter100mm (Semi-Apo Triplet) 
Field of view2.53° 
Nearest Focus Distance30m 
Weight13kg (Bino) + 7.1kg (Tripod) 
Product Code30876 

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