Hahnel Triad 40 Lite Professional Light Weight Aluminium Tripod with Ball Head

Hahnel Triad 40 Lite Professional Light Weight Aluminium Tripod with Ball Head
Hahnel Triad 40 Lite Professional Light Weight Aluminium Tripod with Ball HeadHahnel Triad 40 Lite Professional Light Weight Aluminium Tripod with Ball HeadHahnel Triad 40 Lite Professional Light Weight Aluminium Tripod with Ball Head
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The Hahnel Triad 40 is constructed of sturdy yet lightweight aluminum alloy. The main tripod casting is made from die-cast composite which gives you a perfect balance between stability and rigidity. With a maximum load of 5kg the Triad 40 gives you the flexibility of using almost any camera equipment - you will not only be able to use all DSLR cameras but also semi-pro camcorders; both with long lenses. This compact tripod extends to a maximum height of 1513mm allowing your camera to be placed almost to eye level. With the Triad 40's rigidity you can even take photographs using telephoto heavy lenses and still have absolutely no camera shake. Macro photography can be tricky and complex, therefore finding the right tripod that can be lowered very close to the ground is critical.

The centre column of the Triad 40 can be easily reversed allowing you to mount your camera upside down and literally put the lens all the way down to the point where it almost touches the ground. The Triad 40 has a built-in spirit level for optimal alignment. A tripod head with a built-in bubble level can be an extremely helpful feature especially when your tripod legs aren't equally extended on uneven ground. The Triad 40 has three leg clamps which easily un-clip into four sections. When the legs are extended, the tripod becomes more stable retaining its sturdiness. The legs can be individually angled at any one of four different positions allowing the tripod to be used at heights from 24.8cm-152cm. When the tripod is folded down it measures just 61.5cm, including the head and fits easily into the carrying case supplied.

The Triad 40 Lite is made using the best material available to us. The legs and centre column of the Triad 40 are constructed from high quality, lightweight aluminum alloy material which is ideal for tripods. Aluminum alloy gives incredible rigidity and makes the Triad 40 almost as light as carbon-fiber constructions. The main casting of the tripod is the central point where all the weight accumulates and therefore it has been designed to survive the heaviest loads. To provide the best quality and to make sure that our tripod will serve you for many years, we have decided to use a die-cast composite for constructing of the main casting section. Bad weather conditions will no longer be a problem as the Triad 40 was designed to survive even the toughest weather conditions. To make sure that the legs of the Triad 40 will always stay solid and not lose any stability after years of use, we have developed an easy lock system that over time can be re-adjusted by an allen key which is included with the tripod.

Freedom of Movements
It is important for every photographer to have flexibility when positioning a tripod whilst on location. Ball heads are fast to set up and they provide great flexibility in positioning the camera. The Ball Head of the Triad 40 is constructed using metal alloy which is a heavy duty, durable material. The head pans round 360° degrees in one fluid action so that you can move the camera around without having to move the legs of the tripod. Free smooth movements in all directions will give you an extremely convenient operation. The Triad 40 Ball Head is fast to set up and provides great flexibility in positioning the camera. You will feel the difference.

You can easily lock the head into place on the Triad 40 with just one single twist action. This is a great feature when you are framing your subject and is also a huge advantage with Macro photography. The Triad 40 is equipped with a quick-release dovetail sliding plate with a dual locking system that allows you to quickly change over from a stills camera to a video camera. You could then have a plate on each camera allowing you to save valuable time and quickly lock into place. The Triad 40 has very sturdy fully adjustable legs with easy-lock system. The legs can be individually angled at any position and locked in 4 different angles (25°/ 45° / 75° and 135°). For those of you who are keen on outdoor photography such flexibility is a great additional feature if you want to position the tripod securely against a wall, tree or uneven surface.

The Triad 40 360° Ball Head is equipped with a quick release secure lock system. Each time you wish to detach the quick release plate you simply press the secure lock button first. This type of lock provides protection against accidental release of the plate and is an additional security feature to prevent you from dropping your camera equipment on the ground. You can be assured that your expensive photo gear is safe while using our tripod. The 4-section legs have been equipped with specially designed easy lock system. It’s not only easy to open and secure the lock, but you can also re-adjust it with an allen key (included with the tripod). Thanks to this feature you can be sure that our easy lock system provides secure locking over time and none of the legs will fold down even if you are using a maximum load.

When we designed the Triad 40 we had in mind not only photographers but also video makers. We have used the best available materials to provide a long lasting and quality tripod. The 360° fluid Ball Head with pan rotation function is the best choice for panoramic shots and smooth video shooting. The tripod itself can be also used as a stabilizer for low level video shooting or as a companion in outdoor photo shooting in all weather conditions.

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