NanGuang Small 3-Head Mixkit 3S

NanGuang Small 3-Head Mixkit 3S
NanGuang Small 3-Head Mixkit 3SNanGuang Small 3-Head Mixkit 3SNanGuang Small 3-Head Mixkit 3SNanGuang Small 3-Head Mixkit 3S
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Part Number:  NGCNMIXKIT/3S
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NanGuang Mixkits are ideal for when you need a range of lighting options in one easy, portable kit. Whether you need hard bright light, soft diffused light, or even RGB coloured light, the Mixkit has what you need, with one Luxpad, one Mixpad and one RGB panel, plus power cables and batteries.

The small Mixkit 3S contains a Luxpad 23H, a Mixpad 41, and an RGB 66. It's ideal for small product photography, providing fill, lighting faces, lifting shadows, painting with light or creating interesting highlights.
RGB66 Specifications
Number of LEDs 440
CRI 95
Colour temperature 5600-3200K & RGB
Power 11 Watts
Illumination 5600K Flat LED:1m – 115 Lux; 2m – 41 Lux; 3m – 23 Lux;
3200K Flat LED:1m – 116 Lux; 2m – 42 Lux; 3m – 24 Lux;
5600K LED Bulb:1m – 606 Lux; 2m – 172 Lux; 3m – 88 Lux;
3200K LED Bulb:1m – 576 Lux; 2m – 162 Lux; 3m – 83 Lu
Lux 5600K – 215 Lux at 1m, 91 Lux at 2m, 33 Lux at 3m, 14 Lux at 4m, 10 Lux at 5m; 3200K – 200 Lux at 1m, 85 Lux at 2m, 31 Lux at 3m, 13 Lux at 4m, 9 Lux at 5m
Dimensions 178 x 132 x 35.5mm
Weight 428g
Average LED life 50,000 hours
Brightness 0-100% stepless
Brightness control 0-100% stepless dimmer; 2.4 GHz remote controller; Wi-Fi

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