Passport Photographs


While you wait service, take your photographs with you in about 5 minutes. no appointment needed


It’s more than just a mug shot!

Passport photos are now a high tech identification device.


New security measures with passports mean that the bio-metric data from your passport photo is used as part of the high security system that is your new passport.


Photos need to be taken within very specific limits and to exact specifications to ensure they are suitable for the purpose.


For passport photos and visas,

Please do not wear white/ light coloured clothing as there needs to be sufficient contrast between the background and the person. No hooded tops, high collars or scarfs No hair bands, large clips and there must be a visible gap between your eyebrows and your hair.


You also need to remember that photo specifications and sizes are different for many different countries.

For example, UK passport photos are different to Irish passport photos which are 

different to Dutch photos which are different to Canadian photos... and so it goes on.


You do not need to make an appointment for your photo - just come on into the store and we will look after it all. If you do have specific instructions or paperwork, please bring it with you for us to confirm exactly what you need.


And please, follow our requests and instructions - we are trying to make sure you get exactly the photo you need.



How much does it cost?

UK, Ireland, Australian and all 35mm x 45mm size (4 pictures) £8.99

USA 50mm x 50mm (2 pictures) £14.99

Indian 50mm x 50mm Visa (2 pictures) £14.99

Most other sizes of ID Photos such as Canadian can be also taken but prices vary


Can I get a digital copy of the photo?

Yes we can scan the photo and email/save onto a USB or CD for an extra £5.00 per photograph (excludes cost of USB Stick)

If you only require the photo emailed and not printed the cost is the same as having it printed, i.e. UK £8.99 US £14.99


What if the photo is rejected?

We do our best to make sure you passport photo meets the requirements of your paperwork, but if it gets rejected, we will happily retake the photograph free of charge. (We need proof of rejection from the passport office and your original till receipt)



Babies & Children

We can make passport photos for babies & children of any age, it’s not a problem.

TIP, to make the photo look more appealing we strongly suggest you dress the baby or young child in anything colourful. White or pale clothing does not make such a good photo and may not be accepted.





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