Miops Smartphone Controllable Camera Trigger

Miops Smartphone Controllable Camera Trigger
 Miops Smartphone Controllable Camera TriggerMiops Smartphone Controllable Camera Trigger 
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What is MIOPS Smart Trigger?


MIOPS Smart Trigger takes your photography skills to the next level

MIOPS Smart is a versatile camera and flash trigger in a single unit and provides advanced modes like Lightning,Sound and Laser activated camera trigger. It also contains Intervalometer to work as a Time Lapse Trigger.


Everything is already in the unit and ready to use.


Lightning Mode
The easiest way of capturing Lightning Strikes

MIOPS Trigger will detect the lightning strike and trigger your camera at the exact moment.


Sound Mode
Capture Popping Ballons, Breaking Glasses

In a dark room set your camera to Bulb mode. MIOPS Trigger will trigger your flash when it detects the sound!


Laser Mode
For Water Droplets, Exploiding Items

Every drop is a piece of art with Water Splash! It happens so fast, you need a MIOPS Trigger.


Timelapse Mode
Timelapse, easier now!

Stop the time for you whenever you want! MIOPS Trigger is the right gadget to create time lapse videos.


HDR Mode
High Dynamic Range Photos

MIOPS Smart does here again a fantastic job. You don’t need to do anything manually.


Scenario Mode
Combine the Sensors

Create custom scenario with up to five different steps. MIOPS Smart can use either the same or a different sensor in each step.

You will have unique features!


Smartphone Controllable
IOS & Android Support

The real potential of MIOPS Smart Trigger is revealed with the smartphone application (app). The app offers many advantages and features.


Upgradable Firmware
Open to New Features

MIOPS Smart Trigger has an upgradable firmware. It is open to new features and upgrades are free for life-time.


Rechargable Battery
USB Charging is Available

You are be able to charge MIOPS Smart Trigger with any USB charger thanks to its Li-On battery.


Advanced Scenarios
Combination of Multiple Sensors

You can create a custom scenario with up to five different steps. In each step, MIOPS Smart Trigger can use either the same or a different sensor.

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