Sigma14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM | Art Lens

Sigma14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM | Art Lens
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Brand:  Sigma


SIGMA 3 Year Lens Warranty

Sigma’s extra value now comes extra guaranteed!

Beware Sigma lenses bought off EBay and ones that do not come through a UK dealer that has not purchased them from Sigma UK do not come with the warranty. All our Sigma lenses qualify for the 3 Year Warranty.

The definitive wide-aperture 
 ultra-wide-angle zoom lens

 Setting a new standard for excellence in ultra-wide-angle lenses


everaging major manufacturing advances at the Aizu factory, SIGMA is now producing ultra-high-precision molded glass aspherical lens elements as large as φ80mm and incorporating them in new products. This premier optical technology promises to set a new standard for excellence in ultra-wide-angle lenses. 

For the Art line, SIGMA began development simultaneously of two ultra-wide-angle lenses offering the key focal length of 14mm: one prime, and one zoom. In 2017, the company launched the 14mm F1.8 DG HSM | Art as the ultimate ultra-wide-angle prime lens. This lens offers outstanding image quality in combination with F1.8 brightness. 

Now SIGMA is introducing the 14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM | Art as the ultimate ultra-wide-angle zoom. While minimizing distortion, this lens offers outstanding F2.8 brightness throughout the zoom range and delivers top-level image quality at every focal length and every shooting distance. For these reasons, it is the definitive large-diameter ultra-wide-angle zoom lens. 

Aspherical lens elements used for 

 SIGMA 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM | Art (left) and 
 SIGMA 14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM | Art (right).

Outstanding Art line image quality

Designed to team up with 50-megapixel-plus cameras

Designed to team up with 50-megapixel-plus cameras and offer top-level optical performance throughout the zoom range, the 14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM | Art incorporates three FLD glass elements, three SLD glass elements, and three aspherical lens elements, including one large-diameter aspherical element. Effective distribution of these high-refractive-index glass elements further enhances the corrective effect of the FLD and SLD glass. This optical system minimizes transverse chromatic aberration and other optical aberrations, resulting in outstanding high-resolution image quality. 

The first element in the optical system is a large-diameter aspherical lens. Optimizing the power distribution of this and the other lens elements minimizes distortion to 1% or lower.* As a result, points of light appear as points without streaking from the center of the image to the edge, and the light volume is also abundant throughout the frame. In addition, simulations performed from the design stage onward have helped minimize flare and ghosting. In combination, these technologies ensure excellent ultra-wide-angle performance. 

* At infinity focus


Exclusive low-dispersion glass 

The degree to which light is refracted by glass depends on the light's wavelength. This fact causes different colors of light to focus at slightly different points. The result is chromatic aberration, the color fringing that is particularly noticeable in telephoto lenses. Most chromatic aberration can be removed by combining a high-refractivity convex lens element with a low-refractivity concave element. Yet residual chromatic aberration known as “secondary spectrum” may still remain. To minimize this secondary spectrum, which can be a serious issue with conventional lenses, SIGMA lenses feature up to three types of exclusive low-dispersion glass offering superior performance: ELD (Extraordinary Low Dispersion), SLD (Special Low Dispersion) and FLD (“F” Low Dispersion). In particular, FLD glass offers ultra-low dispersion in combination with high transmittance and the anomalous dispersion characteristics of fluorite. Meticulous deployment of these types of exclusive low-dispersion glass and optimization of power distribution gives SIGMA lenses superlative image rendition undiminished by residual chromatic aberration. 


Designed to minimize flare and ghosting

From an early stage in the lens design process, flare and ghosting have been measured to establish an optical design resistant to strong incident light sources such as backlighting. SIGMA's Super Multi-Layer Coating reduces flare and ghosting to help photographers produce sharp and high contrast images even in backlit conditions. The included lens hood can be attached to block out extraneous light, which can have a negative effect on rendering performance. 

Compatible with Canon Lens Aberration Correction*  

The Canon mount lens is compatible with the Canon Lens Aberration Correction function. Matching the optical characteristics of the lens, these functions perform in-camera corrections of peripheral illumination, chromatic aberrations, distortion, and more. 

* Function not available on all Canon cameras. Further, available corrections may vary by Canon camera model.


Professional specifications 

Allowing photographers to work in all types of weather  

Like SIGMA’s Sports line lenses, the 14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM | Art features a highly effective dust- and splash-proof structure with special sealing at the mount connection, manual focus ring, zoom ring, and cover connection, allowing photographers to work in all types of weather. In addition, the front of the lens is protected by a water- and oil-repellent coating that makes cleaning easy. The high-speed, high-accuracy autofocus helps photographers react in an instant to get those special shots. 


Fast AF with full-time manual focus  

Full-time manual focus function allows the lens to be switched to manual focus simply by rotating the focus ring.

Note: The operation of full-time MF may vary based on mount type. 

Rounded diaphragm 

The 9-blade rounded diaphragm creates an attractive blur in the out-of-focus areas of the image. 

High-precision, rugged brass bayonet mount 

The brass mount combines high precision with rugged construction. Its treated surfaces and enhanced strength contribute to the exceptional durability of the lens.       

Introducing new Front Conversion Service 

Today’s virtual reality creators favor multi-camera videography that leverages the capability of ultra-wide-angle lenses. Addressing this trend, SIGMA is offering the new Front Conversion Service (charges apply), in which SIGMA converts the petal-type hood of the 14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM | Art lens to an exclusive round component. This altered front structure allows the lens to be deployed with greater freedom in multi-camera VR videography. The new front also helps prevent the lens from interfering with other lenses or from casting a visible shadow. The use of this service has no impact on the validity of the product warranty. 

Compatible with Mount Converter MC-11 

Mount Converter MC-11 allows you to use your SIGMA SA mount and SIGMA EOS mount (Canon-compatible) interchangeable lenses with the Sony E-mount camera body. Owners of multiple camera systems can now get even more out of their valuable lens assets. 


SIGMA USB DOCK makes customization and flexible adjustment possible 


With the optional SIGMA USB DOCK, you can update your lens firmware and adjust the focus position and other settings. Simply connect the lens to the SIGMA USB DOCK and the dock to a computer to use the dedicated SIGMA Optimization Pro software and perform various types of customization and adjustment. 

Exclusive SIGMA Optimization Pro software 


Available for the Mount Conversion Service that enables lenses to be long term assets (charges apply) 


Continue using your favorite lens with a different camera body. 

An experienced lens manufacturer offering a diverse range of interchangeable lenses, SIGMA provides the innovative Mount Conversion Service, in which we change the mount of a lens in one of our new product lines to another mount of your choice (charges apply). This service can give new life to your favorite lenses when you wish to use them with a different camera body.

Note: SIGMA's mount conversion service differs from ordinary repairs and product support and is not offered at your local SIGMA dealer or camera store. To access this service, please communicate directly with SIGMA. 


Lens Construction

14-24mm F2.8 DG HSM | Art


Lens Construction 17 Elements in 11 Groups
Angle of View (for SD1) 114.2 - 84.1 degrees
Number of Diaphragm Blades 9 Rounded diaphragm
Minimum Aperture F22
Minimum Focusing Distance 26cm* / 10.2.4in. *At 24mm end of the zoom range
Maximum Magnification 1:5.4
Filter Size N/A
Dimensions Diameter 96.4mm x Length 135.1mm / 3.8in. x 5.3in.
Weight 1,150g / 40.6oz.

Corresponding AF Mounts

Sigma Canon Nikon    :

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