Zenith Lumax-2 Microscope

Zenith Lumax-2 Microscope
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x5 DIN eyepiece WF-5:  
x7 DIN Huyghenian Eyepiece H-7:  
x10 DIN Widefield Measuring Eyepiece   ME-10:  
1mm Stage Micrometer (100x0.01mm Divisions) SM-1:  
Mechanical Stage CT-11:  
x16 Flatfield Eyepiece  AM-16:  

Part Number:  60013
Manufacturer:  Zenith



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Ideal for GCSE biology studies at all levels, this new series of cordless microscopes incorporates innovative LED illumination technology into a proven microscope design, which features all the essential ‘Anti-Tamper’ features demanded by heavy school use. The microscope features a powerful rechargeable battery, located in the base, which is charged in situ with the mains power supply supplied. Charging time is typically 5-6 hours and when fully charged, the continuous discharge time is more than 50 hours. Under normal use, the LED bulb can last for more than 10,000 hours. The level of illumination is suitable even for high-power oil immersion work at x1000.
  • Magnification range: x40, x100, x400, X1000* (*see note below)
  • *x1000 possible with optional x100R Oil objective available separately
  • DIN Achromatic Objectives x4 (0.10), x10 (0.25), x40R (0.65)
  • X10 Widefield eyepiece (with pointer)
  • ABBE Condenser (N.A. 1.25) with Iris Diaphragm
  • Quadruple Objective Turret
  • 9V 20W adjustable LED Illumination
  • Built-In 9V Rechargeable Battery
  • Supplied with 230V 9W Battery Charger
  • Separate Coarse and Fine Focusing
  • Rack and Pinion Focusing
  • Monocular Head Rotatable 360°
  • ‘Locked-On’ Eyepiece and Stage Clips
  • Slip-clutch on Focusing Mechanisms
  • Height 360mm / Weight 3 Kilograms

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